Victor Tasty Saline Plus


To prepare Tasty Saline dissolve all powder of the packet in 500 ml of drinking water .Trust in the purity and effectiveness of our Saline solution. Ideal for nasal irrigation or wound cleansing, our saline ensures a gentle and soothing experience. It’s a must-have for maintaining personal hygiene and well-being.

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Correct use of saline in any type of dehydration condition :

• Age below 1 year : 10-12 tea spoonful of prepared Tasty Saline
• Age 1-5 years : 125-250 ml of prepared Tasty Saline
• Age above 5 years : 250-500 ml of prepared Tasty Saline

Advice : Continue all types of normal feeding including breast feeding during Tasty saline feeding.
Caution : Do not dissolve Tastysaline in warm water or do not heat the dissolved TastySaline . Discard the prepared Tasty Saline after 12 hours .
Ingredients :
• Sodium Chloride – 0.88gm
• Potassium Chloride -0.76gm
• Sodium Citrate -1.50gm
• Citric Acid -0.88gm
• Glucose Anhydras -8.18gm
• Dried Sucrose -6.14gm
• Flavour -qs


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